Georgia Football: 3 takeaways from shutout of Kentucky in Week 8

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
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Saturday’s Georgia football game taught us plenty about the Bulldogs, but are there problems brewing in Athens after a sleepy win over Kentucky?

What we learned from Saturday’s game between the hedges aside from heavy dose of rushing plays from both sides and heavy rain, is simple. A new storm is brewing in Athens not in the form of horrible sideways rain but a potential defense that can be among the all-time greats.

A lot of people will probably read the first paragraph and wonder what I’m talking about but it’s simple. The fact that this defense nearly broke a record on Saturday and has held every team it has faced to less than 21 points up to this point is nothing short of greatness.

The college game is known for explosive scoreboard-obliterating games. The lights can’t keep up in the SEC, Pac-12, Big 12 or even the Big Ten. The fact that Georgia has held one team to 20 points exactly and that was an overtime defeat shows just how good this defense is. The scariest thought is that this defense is still incredibly young.

Besides the Bulldogs having an elite defense, what else did we learn from Saturday’s game?

3. The booing was not received well

The crowd was not exceptionally pleased at all with the play-calling the first three quarters until D’Andre Swift was able to break a long run, spinning off a defender with a beautiful cut as he was able to hit his head on the goalpost.

The crowd booing was something that was addressed by the Georgia running back after the game. He wasn’t pleased and had a harsh message. A few fans later booing left happily, though, as they witnessed one of the best defensive performances Georgia has put up in a long time.