Group of Five New Year’s Six Watch, Week 9: SMU catching fire

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Welcome to the New Year’s Six watch. This week features a return to the watch by the Memphis Tigers but who will represent the Group of Five?

Welcome to the watch. We have the privilege of watching over the entire realm of the Group of Five. The watch seeks the one. The one brave program who has what it takes to take on the might and muscle of those from the realm of the Power Five.

Some might look upon smaller provinces like the “Belt of Suns” and say no one there is worthy. However the Men from the Mountains of App State would disagree. Having skinned a Tar Heel already, they might pluck a Gamecock from Carolina of the South.

Some that have started with the watch — the Owls from the Temples and the Green Waves — have left the watch. Some have made their return like the Tigers from the realm of the Americas. In fact, the realm of the Americas have offered the best candidates. The Bearcats, Tigers and the mighty Mustangs are all from the realm of the Americas.

There is one team the steeds from the West Mountains that still believe themselves worthy in spite of a loss to the Cougars of BYU.

If you have persevered and stayed on the watch, take heart and be encouraged. For all who begin cannot stay. There are always those who clamor for the opportunity to be on the watch, so stand firm to stay on the watch.

Remember, there can be only one. Here’s the watch for this week — New Year’s is coming.

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