Big Ten Football: 20 burning questions from October 2019

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We are officially halfway through the regular season and Big Ten football play is in full swing. Let’s look at the 14 teams through the month of October.

All Big Ten teams are seven to six games in heading into the last week of play for the month of October as it’s is coming to an end but there are answers and question marks for many heading into November. All but a few teams have played all of their non-conference games and have played four to five Big Ten games already. What questions need answers at this point of the season?

This monthly segment will once again focus on 20 questions that will vary and cover multiple topics on Big Ten football and its individual teams for the 2019 season. As was done in the months of August and September, some questions still linger and some questions have been answered.

The 20 burning questions will once again cover all 14 Big Ten teams and programs for the 2019 season and questions and topics will discussed, analyzed and debated.

Some teams have exceed expectations such as Ohio State and Penn State for example which have, for the most part, dominated offensively and defensively. Other teams started off the season strong but have had difficulties of late like Iowa and Michigan.

Also, there are teams like Minnesota that are looking to take a two-game lead in their division by racking up victories to end October.

Finally, there are teams like Rutgers who may not win another football game this season and others like Illinois who are looking to build toward the future.

Let’s get started as we focus on these weekend games and looking ahead to end of the second half of Big Ten play.

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