SEC Football Power Rankings, Week 12: LSU finally takes top spot

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LSU vs. Alabama did not disappoint. How did the rest of SEC football fare in a light conference tilt? Here are your power rankings for Week 12.

Our thought for the week here at SEC power rankings headquarters.

“Canine, feline, Jekyll and Hyde
Wear your fake fur on the inside
Queen of south beach, aging blues
Dinner’s at six, wear your cement shoes
I thought you were singing your heart out to me
Your lips were syncing and now I see”

A Change will do you good — Sheryl Crow

Here at headquarters we look at a picture of an LSU National Championship from 2003 and then another one from Alabama 10 years later in 2013 and tried to figure out for the life of us why they looked so similar. We knew they were both SEC schools, but didn’t know why they looked eerily similar.

Then an intern carrying a Mint Julep for the Ol’ Ball Coach came in and said, “I didn’t know Nick Saban coached LSU!” We wanted to fire him on the spot, but we couldn’t come up the similarities in the pictures so we decided to keep him.

What we learned is things that were once young get old. Saban has been at this a long time. He’s been successful everywhere he’s been, and this year he might have to settle for a 10-win season and a New Year’s Six Bowl win. But, hey, this is college football anything can happen. The Tide might sneak into the final four which would anger the masses, and then win another National Championship which would do so even more — remember how mad everyone was in 2017?

Here’s the truth of the matter: LSU is really good, and there’s a story that would be just as good for college football and it doesn’t involve the Crimson Tide.

We think too much of the playoff and there’s too much cool stuff about the game that it has made us forget. In the same breath, the LSU Tigers could play for a national title in New Orleans — how awesome would that be?

After that postgame speech, I wanted to check my eligibility status and play for Coach O down in Baton Rouge. There’s a lot of season left, and anything can happen, but now the Tigers are kings of the SEC.

From Roll Tide to Geaux Tigers and a War Eagle in the middle, here are your SEC power rankings for Week 11.

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