SEC Football Power Rankings, Week 12: LSU finally takes top spot

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FAYETTEVILLE, AR – AUGUST 31: Head Coach Chad Morris of the Arkansas Razorbacks argues a call during a game against the Portland State Vikings at Razorback Stadium on August 31, 2019 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Razorbacks defeated the Vikings 20-13. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Arkansas Razorbacks
2-8, 0-6 Last Week: 14

Chad Morris is looking for a new home address; he’s out as coach in Fayetteville. When you look at his four wins in two seasons at Arkansas and being O-fer the SEC in almost two seasons, it was time. Two years might seem like too short a time, but the Western Kentucky game made it clear it was time to move on from Morris.

Here’s the thing about Arkansas: the decade hasn’t been kind to the Razorbacks. The fact that Bobby Petrino is their most successful coach this century tells you all you need to know about Arkansas’ recent history. They have to decide what they are.

If they are looking for a coach who’s going to bring them national championships; they will have coaching searches every three years. If they want someone to win some games get to bowls, and every few years scare the big boys at the top there are some coaches that fit that description.

Hey, do they have pirate ships in Arkansas?

Vanderbilt Commodores
2-7, 1-5 Last Week: 13

As we continue our SEC coaches on the hot seat theme. Will Derek Mason last the rest of the season? We can safely draw from the Missouri game that Missouri just isn’t very good. The Commodores have followed up their win against the Tigers with a two game losing streak in which they’ve scored a grand total of seven points.

Here at headquarters we’ve been very vocal about the lack of funds Vanderbilt spends on football, and that’s a large part of their issue. If they want to be tight-fisted about what they spend then they should join Conference USA or the AAC or go independent.

Just because someone like James Franklin can win without gobs of resources doesn’t mean everyone else can. Unfortunately Mason will pay the price. Triple-option, anyone?

South Carolina Gamecocks
4-6, 3-4 Last Week: 8

“Coach Muschamp is my coach. That’s the message. He will be my coach through the end of the season. And then, just like any other coach that’s out there, whether it’s a soccer coach, whether it’s the equestrian coach, whatever, they’re going to do an end-of-year assessment, the athletic director does. Then, we’ll see what’s up.” Those were the words of South Carolina President Robert Caslen.

It’s been a yo-yo of a season in Columbia. It’s been two steps forward, two steps back all season long. They lost to one of their directional rivals in North Carolina, then defeated Georgia and followed that with a loss to Appalachian State.

Their game against Clemson doesn’t look good, and it’s not looking good for South Carolina’s Will Muschamp.

Ole Miss Rebels
4-6, 2-4 Last Week: 12

This might be the first school we talk about that doesn’t have a coach on the hot seat, or do they? It’s not a forgone conclusion that head coach Matt Luke will be back next year, but there are some issues the Ole Miss administration are solving.

The University of Mississippi has no president, nor full-time athletic director. Luke is in a precarious position at the school. The perception of Luke is he’s the favorite son coming back to be a caretaker until all the muck has cleared. Employing two former head coaches looking to get back in the game at some point doesn’t help either.

What would help Luke keep his gig? Beating the Bulldogs in the Egg Bowl and going to a bowl game.

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