Ranking college football’s top 10 games of the 2010s

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We look back at the games and moments that shook the landscape of college football in the 2010s. See which games we thought were the best of the decade.

The 2010s was a unique decade for the sport of college football in many ways. For one we finally got a legitimate playoff system in place, where a clear and concise national champion can be determined.

We saw many different players come through the ranks to become superstars before they even hit an NFL field. Johnny Manziel, Cam Newton and Baker Mayfield come to mind as guys who shaped the personality of college football in this decade. But more importantly, we saw some fantastic teams constructed due to outstanding recruiting efforts by coaches such as Nick Saban, Dabo Sweeney, Urban Meyer and Jimbo Fisher.

All these great teams of the decade were battle tested at one point or the other, leading to some of the most thrilling games this sport has ever seen. These games had plays and moments that fans will continue talking about going into the next decade. The criteria of this list is simply the games that I thought were the most exciting start to finish, that had memorable or in some cases legendary plays that leave a lasting memory in our heads.

With that being said, let’s get to the list.

Honorable Mentions

Just wanted to show some love for some other fantastic games from this decade that just missed the list. These 10 games were amazing in their own right but just missed the cut. If you haven’t seen these definitely check them out.

  • 2011 Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. TCU
  • 2013: Georgia vs. Auburn
  • 2014: TCU vs. Baylor
  • 2015 Sugar Bowl: Ohio State vs. Alabama
  • 2015: Michigan State vs. Michigan
  • 2015 Alamo Bowl: Oregon vs. TCU
  • 2016: Louisville vs. Clemson
  • 2017: USF vs. UCF
  • 2017: Texas A&M vs. UCLA
  • 2019 Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State vs. Clemson

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