Michigan State Football: 6 potential replacements for Mark Dantonio

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The news of Mark Dantonio resigning as head coach of Michigan State football was shocking but now they a replacement right as national signing day starts.

The end of an era has come for the Michigan State Spartans with head coach Mark Dantonio resigning on Tuesday. Both parties did not end on the best of terms as Dantonio is currently being deposed and accused of NCAA violations by former assistant Curtis Blackwell. He also took a $4.3 million retention bonus on Jan. 15.

Dantonio also made this decision a day before National Signing Day, which makes the decision more complex.

Since Dantonio took over the head coaching position of the Spartans in 2007, he has turned them into a consistent contender in the Big Ten. In his 13-year career with Michigan State, he has gotten them to three conference championships and once to the College Football Playoff in 2015. He is a two-time Big Ten coach of the year. He has accounted for five 10-win seasons for the Spartans with the latest coming in 2017 with a 10-3 mark.

In the last four seasons, the Spartans have accumulated a 27-24 record with a 3-9 record in 2016. The Spartans have finished the past two seasons with a 7-6 record. The night before National Signing Day, the Spartans have accumulated no five-star or four-star recruits.

In fact, 247Sports has the Spartans ranked 42nd overall in terms of recruiting score, which is the 10th best ranking in the Big Ten.

While Dantonio has brought success to the program overall, their current track record is not the expectations that they have progressing. A new head coach is needed to bring the same amount of success back into the program. The Spartans are looking for a coach already established and demand a high amount of accountability.

Here are six potential replacements for the head coach of the Spartans.

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