NFL Combine 2020: 3 DBs who could improve their draft stock

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The NFL Combine gives players the opportunity to showcase their ability for NFL teams. Which defensive backs can use it to increase their NFL draft stock?

As the NFL Network so proudly proclaims, the future is now. Over 300 NFL Draft prospects are taking part in various athletic tests and positional drills this week at the NFL Combine. They will showcase their ability in front of the assembled NFL front offices, with a view to leaving a lasting impression that sees their name called in Las Vegas.

Despite having put three to four years of game film on tape, the NFL Combine is the final piece of the puzzle that helps teams evaluate a prospect. As such, their performance on the field can make or break a player’s draft stock. This is especially true where there isn’t much to choose between players based on their tape.

In the 2020 NFL Draft there is a consensus that several positional groups have a standout prospect, with a marked drop off to the next group. Within that following group there is a real battle for supremacy and the rankings are extremely fluid. The NFL Combine will be a vital part of that separation.

The defensive back group is one such group.

Jeffrey Okudah from Ohio State is the best cornerback in the class. He may even be the best defensive player in the class.

For me, Xavier Mckinney from Alabama is the de facto No. 1 safety.

Behind them it is all to play for. So, who can really help stand out from the crowd and elevate their NFL Draft stock at the NFL Combine?

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