Big 12 Football: Top 10 recruits joining the conference in 2020

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Here are the 10 recruits that have the opportunity not only to get some snaps but have an impact on Big 12 football teams next season.

Recruiting and development is the lifeblood of any successful program.

College football programs have to scout, evaluate and recruit players that fit their program in order to place both a consistent and successful product on the field. Scouts and coaches travel up and down the roads or fly the friendly skies to find the right players for their programs.

As a conference, the Big 12 wants to change the narrative about who they are.

The only team in the Big 12 that has been to the College Football Playoff is Oklahoma. The Big 12 went an abysmal 1-5 in the postseason including going 0-3 against the Southeastern Conference. The lone team to win a bowl from the Big 12 was Texas. There is a perception that Big 12 is a notch below both the SEC and Big Ten.

The Big 12 is somewhat challenging to evaluate from a recruiting perspective because every program in the conference is developmental except Texas and Oklahoma.

Most programs are full of redshirts because these schools recruit players to get them bigger, stronger, and faster. However, every school upped the ante in recruiting and there might be a true freshman or two challenge for snaps.

Here’s one recruit from each school who will have an impact this season.

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