Clemson Football: NCAA controversially rears ugly head at Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence set up a GoFundMe page to help fund COVID-19 victims but the NCAA shut the Clemson football star down immediately.

Remember when people were allowed to raise money for victims of an illness or a natural disaster without having to answer to higher-ups about what’s allowed and what isn’t?

Well, the NCAA has never allowed student athletes to raise money using their own image and likeness, which Trevor Lawrence opted to do in order to help COVID-19 victims. He started a GoFundMe on Tuesday to help victims of the pandemic but the NCAA shut it down the same day and all that money has to go back to those who donated.

Why is this an issue even though it follows the NCAA rules? Because there should always be exceptions and when there’s a global pandemic affecting thousands of people in our own country. There’s no cure for the disease right now, but funding survivors and those affected as well as research would go a long way to stopping this spread.

Lawrence is one of the biggest stars in college football and the NCAA makes millions of dollars off him every year, but he can’t start a fundraiser to help novel coronavirus victims? That’s a bad look.

Clemson has a special kid on its hands and even though his GoFundMe was promptly shut down, that should be a wake-up call for the NCAA to start its own major fundraiser.

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Sometimes the NCAA makes decisions that make you shake your head and grind your teeth and this is one of them. It needs to make things right and allow these athletes to raise money for emergency situations.

Good on you, Trevor.