COVID-19, top college football coaches without a title: Blitz Podcast

Discussing the potential impact COVID-19 could have on the college football season as well as assessing the best coaches ever without a national title.

COVID-19 has suddenly put the 2020 college football season in serious jeopardy. Just a week after John and Zach discussed hypothetical scenarios revolving around the possibility of the season being impacted in some way, the news has gotten more dire and now it appears, with the caveat that we’re still five months away from the start of the season, that the 2020 season will feel some ramifications from the virus that has swept across the globe.

In our first segment on this week’s podcast, we discuss what the 2020 season might look like. Neither of us believe that the season is in jeopardy of being cancelled altogether, but you might be surprised at what percentage we each put on thinking the season will go on business as usual.

We’ve already begun seeing college football coaches across the nation putting out PSA’s to their respective fan bases calling for serious action with social distancing as a large section of the population still don’t seem to be taking the CDC’s advice seriously. Maybe with the likes of Nick Saban and Ed Orgeron urging fans to stay home, the impact will be greater.

It’s hard not to get washed away with the sullen news of today, so we try to move forward in our second segment and look at some evergreen content on the website. Our own Dante Pryor put out an outstanding list this week ranking the 10 best college football coaches who never won a national championship.

We analyze Dante’s list, handing out props to him for the vast majority of his list that we agreed with. But we also didn’t let him off the hook with some omissions and disagreements on placement of certain coaches.

Content like this is always sure to stir up conversation, and with the news of the world today, I’m sure we could all use a good distraction. Check out Dante’s list and then listen to Zach and I break it down. Let us know who you agree with the most, and if we missed any coaches who you think deserve mention among the all-time greats without a ring.

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