WVU football: 5 Mountaineers who you’d want to be quarantined with

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With COVID-19 quickly spreading and quarantine becoming somewhat normal, are there five WVU football players you wouldn’t mind being stuck with?

Football does many things for its players and fans. For starters, it’s a career path for a select few, whether that means making it to the NFL or playing abroad. It’s also entertainment — from the last weekend in August till February football can be viewed on various days of the week. But football also teaches those who play — and intent watchers — plenty of life lessons.

Teamwork is an obvious one, something all of us should consider during this pandemic that’s quarantined many across the globe. Perseverance is another, seen often on game days when teams overcome exceptional circumstances. Football also teaches discipline, time-management, and goal-setting, among other tools.

Aside from those life lessons, West Virginia football’s supplied its fan base with two things over the past 100-plus years of action — extreme joy and utter heartbreak. And while some of those topics and events wouldn’t make for easy conversation, anything’s on the table during a quarantine.

With all of that in mind, do any particular players or coaches stand out as someone who’d be a great quarantine buddy? Someone with a number of stories? A particular play that changed things for the school? I’ve narrowed my list down to five Mountaineers. Let me know how they compare to yours!

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