Nebraska Football: Way-too-early 2020 game-by-game predictions

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Scott Frost has a lot of hype to live up to in 2020 after a disappointing 2019 season with Nebraska football. Will the Cornhuskers be contenders?

When Scott Frost took over two years ago, his return to Lincoln was met with a ton of hype and even more expectations. He was supposed to bring Nebraska back to relevance but his first two seasons haven’t gone quite as expected.

In fact, Frost is just 9-15 with the Cornhuskers over the past two season and some fans have already dubbed his return a bust.

However, there’s still time to turn things around as Nebraska wasn’t exactly in the best situation when Mike Riley left. That hire was questionable from the get-go and the team he left behind wasn’t exactly Big Ten title-contending material. All good things take time and the perfect example would be Dabo Swinney’s first few years at Clemson.

Not everyone can be Dabo, though, and Frost knows that he set up those unfair expectations with an undefeated season in year two with Central Florida, but he has plenty of talent to work with in 2020 and the Cornhuskers should finish better than they did in 2019.

How will the Cornhuskers fare in 2020?

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