College Football: 5 most heated position battles ahead of 2020 season

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A new season brings turnover. With turnover brings competition. Here are five important position battles from around college football.

COVID-19 has everyone on edge and it has brought the sports world to its knees. We simply do not know when the college football season is going to start. That is going to affect everything.

First-year coaches are going to have an especially difficult time installing their offenses and defenses if they hire new staff. Signees cannot get on campuses because campuses are closed. This is something we will get through, and we will have college football again.

When we do have college football again, a lot of teams have a lot of questions they need to answer.

Some position battles across the country will sort out starting positions and influence the transfer portal. Some battles are a result of a mass exodus of players both to graduation and to the NFL draft. Some battles are a result of big-time recruits coming to campus and possibly wrestling spots away from the veteran talent.

No matter the reason, here are five position battles to keep an eye on when we get college football back.

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