College Football Rankings: Post-spring Top 25 projections for 2020

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Even though spring practices and scrimmages were cancelled around college football, excitement for the upcoming season is building. Let the debate begin.

It’s never too early for some Top 25 rankings projections. With nearly every program through their virtual spring seasons, now seems like an appropriate time for some fresh rankings.

The 2020 offseason has been a rough one considering spring ball was stripped from coaches, players and fans because of COVID-19 but it seems like optimism is creeping through for a regular season to take place in some capacity. If that does happen, we have a decent idea of which teams will be ranked to start the season.

The 2020 season figures to be a highly competitive one. While the Clemson’s and Alabama’s will still be considered heavy favorites, there will be far more teams’ than usual with title aspirations.

Last season, LSU overtook both Clemson and Alabama for college football’s No. 1 team, but with 14 of their players from a year ago, it’ll be nearly impossible to repeat. Thus, expect a season of parody across the nation, especially if attendance is limited and home field advantage is compromised.

Who makes the top 25 in our post spring rankings? Let’s take a look.

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