Last Chance U switching from football to basketball is massive mistake

Crazy popular Netflix docuseries Last Chance U announced that it will be moving away from football after Season 5 which would be a huge mistake.

Every summer, college football fans have one of the best appetizers out there, taking in a new season of Netflix docuseries sensation Last Chance U about a month before the season starts.

If you’re not familiar with Last Chance U, it’s a series on Netflix that documents the on and off-the-field happenings at a junior college football program, usually one that takes in players who have either left or been kicked off FBS teams — hence the term “last chance”.

It’s been wildly popular over the past few years and is entering its fifth season this summer which also happens to be on its third school featured.

First, it was East Mississippi C.C. for two years and then Independence C.C. for another two and now it’s at Laney College in California.

However, this is the last season of football for the series and that news comes as a shock to fans everywhere.

Not only may this lose a huge following heading up to the college football season, but it also likely won’t show as many JUCO players heading off to play at big Division 1 programs. The best part about the show is following these guys after they leave for bigger and better things. That’s harder to do in basketball.

Fans not happy with Last Chance U’s decision

When Last Chance U announced it would be airing its final season of football, fans voiced their displeasure immediately. And for good reason.

The overwhelming opinion of fans is that the basketball series focus isn’t a good idea and Last Chance U should consider doing both because, why not?

Last Chance U has gotten so big over the years and turning your back on the fans that have gotten you to the top of the Netflix streaming charts every summer isn’t the best plan. Sure, people will still tune in to see what the basketball one is all about, but the timing of football coupled with the popularity of the sport made it a must-watch for every sport-hungry fan in the dog days of summer.

Bad move.

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