5 college football coaches who haven’t earned their salaries leading up to 2020

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College football is full of big name programs with big expectations. For this reason, many of coaches will be paid lots of money. Are they earning it?

In the world of sports, most people have a few teams that they hold close to their heart. We want these teams to succeed more than anything and we’ll go to any lengths to defend our favorite guys. But for each team we love, we probably all have about three or four teams that we absolutely despise.

Then there’s the teams that we hate just because. The Alabamas and Michigans of the world. And a lot of the time, this hatred is rooted in the heart of the team — the coach. And when a coach comes into a new situation with a ton of hype behind him, there’s nothing the general fan wants more than for him to fail.

So throughout my rambling, I’m trying to get one single point across: overpaid coaches and hated coaches are often one in the same, so looking at coaches who haven’t yet earned their salary can be extremely enjoyable, as long as your team’s coach isn’t on there.

I’m sure everybody reading this is hoping they see at least one guy that they don’t like on this list, and when they read about the first guy on this list, I’m sure their wishes will have come true.

So without any further explanation, here are five coaches who haven’t earned their salary so far.

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