SEC Football: Each team’s top Heisman Trophy candidate for 2020

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If every SEC football team had a chance to contend for the playoff who would their top 2020 Heisman Trophy candidate be?

There is no greater award a college football player can win than The Heisman Memorial Trophy. Here at the home of the SEC Power Rankings we began to pontificate on an idea while being hypnotized by the Bear’s Houndstooth hat.

What if every team had a Heisman candidate? The Ol’ Ball Coach nearly spilled his entire mint julip when he heard our conversation. “What kind of rules ya’ll gonna have!” Leave it up to one of the best coaches in modern college football to make a valid point.

However, if the last decade of Heisman winners has shown us anything, it is you do not have to start out a favorite to win. Joe Burrow, last year’s winner, was +4000 to win the award. Those were not even close to the longest odds to win.

Lamar Jackson, the 2016 winner, was +10000 to win and those were not even the longest odds to win. Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, and Mark Ingram did not even register odds to win. As we thought and pontificated around our custom painting of UGA III, we came to a conclusion.

The “Cam” factor is in effect to select each team’s Heisman candidate. Since the Heisman goes to the best player on the best team, most teams in the SEC would need a player to give a Cam Newton-like performance for them to win the SEC.

The “Cam” factor means even Vanderbilt gets a Heisman candidate. Along with the “Cam” factor, the “Burrow” principle is also in effect. There could be a player that takes a quantum leap from last season to this season that propels them to a Heisman and a conference title.

Which means, once again, Vanderbilt gets a Heisman candidate. Sit back, relax, and enjoy each SEC team’s top Heisman candidates.

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