Missouri Football: Eli Drinkwitz provides us with the quote of the offseason

New Missouri football coach Eli Drinkwitz provided everyone just what they needed this long offseason: the perfect quote.

Going from the Sun Belt to the SEC can’t be easy.

Playing in front of big crowds with bigger expectations and everything you do is monitored by thousands of eyes. Eli Drinkwitz took the leap this past offseason, accepting the Missouri coaching job after going 12-1 at App State.

The hire was interesting seeing as Drinkwitz only coached one season with App State after replacing Scott Satterfield who left for Louisville before the 2019 season.

While no one knows how good of a coach he’ll be in the SEC with a rebuilding Missouri program, he’s already winning people over with his humor.

Exhibit A:

Obviously in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, large crowds won’t be present at sporting events this fall and in a media Zoom call, someone asked him about that. His answer was priceless.

The Sun Belt isn’t known for drawing big crowds and that has a lot to do with the teams not getting a ton of attention. He coached the best team in the conference in 2019 and he still had this to say about the league. Hitting the road to face Coastal Carolina is not the same as taking a trip to Death Valley to battle LSU.

Drinkwitz is self-aware and knows that he comes from a league that isn’t known as a football-heavy conference on a national level.

Missouri clearly found itself a coach with humor.

Exhibit B:

In case you don’t understand this quote, Donald Trump accidentally referred to Nick Saban as “Lou” multiple times when talking about Tommy Tuberville this week.

Drinkwitz is winning the internet this offseason, one quote at a time.