College Football: 5 quarterbacks who will be fun to watch in 2020

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College football is filled with stars and powerhouse programs. Which of these players will be the most fun to watch in the upcoming football season?

College football is often a less competitive level than the NFL, mostly due to the fact that there is a much larger discrepancy between the top-end teams and the bottom-of-the-barrel teams.

Even within the top leagues in college football, there is a major talent gap from top to bottom. This can be shown in an example in the SEC, where Alabama has beaten Arkansas in every single one of their yearly matchups over the past decade by an average margin of 27 points. In two consecutive matchups, the Crimson Tide beat the Razorbacks 52-0, not allowing a single point.

The opportunity that this presents is this: there’s a higher chance that you’ll see a player explode onto the scene and have a statistically incredible season. They’ll have the chance to show off their full skill set against a team that has inferior talent. It’s unfair, yes. But more importantly, it’s extremely fun to watch a guy pass for 600 yards and six touchdowns.

This list won’t necessarily be including the expected players. Rather, it’ll include the guys who will singlehandedly get you to tune into their teams games. We saw this with Lamar Jackson, but we’ve also seen it with guys from lesser known schools like Eastern Illinois while Jimmy Garoppolo was in charge.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll keep this to FBS and you’ll recognize most of the names that show up, but you might be surprised when you see a couple of these guys.

Here are five quarterbacks who will be fun to watch in 2020.

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