College Football 2020: 5 head coaches who deserve a raise

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College football coaches make a lot of money. These underrated coaches are worth every penny and some may even be worth more.

Less than a generation ago, it would sound purely ridiculous for a coach to ask or receive a multi-million dollar contract. Now even the smallest of Power 5 and some Group of 5 schools are handing out million-dollar deals like ketchup packets at a drive-thru.

Bobby Bowden was the first head coach to receive a million-dollar contract from Florida State in 1995. Steve Spurrier was the first head coach to make one million dollars per annum after winning a National Title in 1997. What made those legendary coaches “worth” their salaries and potentially deserving of a raise?

Their worth is the theme of this list. The coaches on this list are underrated player developers and program builders. These coaches are not in the best of recruiting footprints, yet manage to win every season.

These coaches have taken some of the most challenging jobs in the country and have begun the building process in their respective places. They have proven they are worth every penny of their paychecks and — if they keep winning — might cash in on some bigger paydays.

There is one Group of Five coach on this list; the rest have taken some of the more difficult Power Five jobs in the country. Did your favorite coach make the list?

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