Last Chance U, Season 5: Where is Rejzohn Wright now?

As one of the more confident players Last Chance U has seen in five seasons, Rejzohn Wright earned some Power Five looks.

Tuesday has been like Christmas for Last Chance U fans as the release of Season 5 is officially upon us. This is the last season the Netflix series will be covering football as it will be moving strictly to basketball after Season 5 which has been met with plenty of negative feedback.

Laney College in California was the focus of Season 5 after the first four seasons were split between East Mississippi C.C. and Independence C.C. and it had a different feel.

Unlike the first four seasons, Laney didn’t have any student housing as it focused on players’ lives off the field and off-campus.

One of the main stars of the show was Rejzohn Wright, a talented cornerback with plenty of confidence. His brother, Nahshon Wright, played for Laney College in 2018 and earned a scholarship from Oregon State where he’s currently the starting cornerback.

Laney’s coaching staff was high on Rejzohn, stating that he is more naturally talented than his older brother who’s a starter in the Power Five.

Nahshon led the Beavers in interceptions last season with three and returns as a junior in 2020 as the projected starter.

What about his talented younger brother and star of Season 5 of Last Chance U?

Rejzohn also earned a scholarship from Oregon State and decided to follow his brother’s footsteps after being ranked the No. 5 JUCO corner in the 2020 class. According to 247Sports, he was the third-best corner in the class and 18th-best overall JUCO prospect.

Wright didn’t lack any confidence, that was for sure, and if he’s a more talented version of his brother, he could see the field early on for the Beavers.

Keep an eye on Wright as he enters his first season with Oregon State, looking to break into that two-deep depth chart and fight for a spot next to his older brother.