Last Chance U, Season 5: Where is Nu’u Taugavau now?

One of the many fan favorites from Last Chance U’s latest season at Laney College was Nu’u Taugavau. Where is he today?

Last Chance U has taken college football fans by storm over the past couple of days.

Since being released on Tuesday to Netflix, the popular docu-series has been binge-watched by just about everyone who has been hoping to see some college football this fall. Heck, casual fans probably tuned in, too, because of the COVID-19 pandemic taking sports away for months.

Each year when a new season of Last Chance U comes out, fan favorites emerge and there were a handful making themselves known in Season 5 at Laney College.

This wasn’t your typical season as kids didn’t live in dorms as cameras followed the community college athletes to their family homes and checked in on their personal lives off campus. Student athlete housing was not a thing at Laney.

Immediately, Nu’u Taugavau stood out.

The star offensive lineman was shown taking care of his two kids at a home he shared with his wife and parents. His wife, Tia, admitted that she liked living with his parents but had a dream of getting their own place for their growing family.

Did that end up happening?

It was an up-and-down year for Nu’u as he was caught plagiarizing a rough draft he turned in for 50 percent of his grade in one class which was basically a teammate’s old paper he just submitted as his own. He was in hot water for that, struggled to keep his grades up and tried to raise a family all at the same time. He was an easy guy to root for.

John Beam, Laney’s head coach, even sat down with him to let him know he needed to keep his head on straight because he has D1 talent.

It was evident throughout the show that he could be dominant when he wanted to, but that wasn’t always the case. He still earned some interest from FCS programs and decided to commit to Murray State and move all the way to Kentucky.

The Racers face Power Five programs regularly, so we may not have heard the last of Taugavau.