Oklahoma State football determined to move ahead despite common sense

Other power conferences have done the unthinkable in postponing the fall 2020 season. But don’t tell Oklahoma State football and the Big 12.

Oklahoma State football announced new fan safety measures for football games in Boone Pickens Stadium this fall on Aug. 12.

Of course, this news comes one day after the postponement of a football season by two fellow Power Five conferences, the Big Ten and the Pac-12.

These two leagues are supposedly considering a spring football season. So, if you like seeing the prospect of another washed-up USC squad with a somewhat talented and future NFL lottery pick quarterback getting beat by the Big Ten squad that couldn’t hang with Ohio State, why not just wait until the 2021 Rose Bowl in April?

The Big 12, though, can’t be bothered with health concerns that lead other Power Five conferences to postpone their football seasons. Myocarditis? Mannford and Medford mish-mash!

The Oklahoma State family wants to know that they’re concerned with your health and well-being. So, you’re encouraged to download your ticket (given that you were born after 1980) and you’re promised that “adequate spacing” is provided between groups in the stadium.

Sure, the state’s largest public school districts have determined that it’s not wise to educate children in-person for the time being. Maybe it’s just for a quarter, maybe it’s an entire fall semester. Regardless, feel free to congregate at concession stands and public restrooms in the lovely confines of former-Lewis-Field-rustoleum-now-converted-to-Boone-Pickens-Stadium with thousands of your closest friends.

And the players? No chance they’ll be in harm’s way. Nor will anyone who might be in contact with these players within a two-week span.

Both OSU and the city of Stillwater are requiring essentially anything to cover your face, such as “cloth face coverings fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost,” according to the university.

Shouldn’t we feel safe, then, to cheer on Bullet racing out onto the field before OSU loses disappointingly to a middling squad like Texas Tech? Your neighbor might be wearing a Pistol Pete bandana, or a pair of old whitey-tighties. It’s all good.

No tailgating is allowed, so please shotgun your six-point beers before exiting the vehicle. Seems like the Big 12 could use this kind of “jolt” to its system after releasing its 2020 schedule in the light of fellow power conference cancellations.