Penn State Football: Ultimate viewing guide in a postponed season

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Penn State football has been postponed until at least spring if not until next fall. Nittany Lion fans can still watch their team this fall.

Big Ten football has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While other conferences will try to play their seasons, the Big Ten along with the Pac-12 were the only Power Five conferences to postpone. While there are arguments to both sides, those debates are left to other articles and writers.

It will be disappointing not having Big Ten and specifically Penn State football to watch this fall. However for Penn State fans, there are plenty of games in the history of Nittany Lion football waiting to be re watched.

Now while there are tons of games that can be re watched, this list will be limited to games since the 2010 season only. It was easier to limit the scope since more recent games are more likely to be on YouTube if you don’t have them still on your DVR.

Each game will have a YouTube link provided to either the full game or the extended highlights. Also the guide gives the best game to watch in each week of the season that it appeared so you can watch in order if you so choose. Some weeks will also have an honorable mention. With all of that said, let’s get to the ultimate watch guide for Penn State football.

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