College football teams that Big Ten fans should root for in 2020

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The Big Ten might not see a season in 2020. Which college football teams should these hungry fans root for in the absence of their favorite programs?

COVID-19 has caused world of pain for pretty much everybody. But more specifically, the pandemic has hit a soft spot for Big Ten fans who were hoping to see their teams play in 2020. For Michigan, this was the year that they were finally going to beat Ohio State. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but nobody is happy with the canceled season.

Despite optimism as every other team begins their season, the Big Ten season is still in a grey area at the moment. There are teams who legally cannot play football in 2020 and there are programs who are simply refusing to play with the virus at hand.

That being said, it still seems extremely likely that Big Ten fans won’t see their team play college football until next fall. They’ll have to watch as other teams as their favorite players are doing the same. So this creates one simple question in every fans mind. Who should Big Ten fans root for in 2020?

For some teams it may seem simple. There are teams who mirror their success and fandom in another conference. For middle of the pack team, it may not be so simple. I’ll also take this moment to remind the reader that this is not a tier list. If you think a team is misplaced, be aware that I simply divided the teams for the sake of spacing.

Here is the team that each Big Ten fan should root for this season.

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