Big Ten football: It’s time to end the circus and make 2020 decision already

Conflicting reports, an athletic director caught on mic revealing private info and player and parent protesting. Big Ten football must end this circus already.

Over the past few weeks, how many times do you think you heard a conflicting report about the Big Ten returning? Probably couldn’t count them on one hand, right?

It all started with a report that the Big Ten would potentially reconsider its season postponement, quickly shot down by Kevin Warren, the new commissioner. And then weeks later, reports emerged about a vote from the Big Ten that was forthcoming regarding the reinstatement of the 2020 season in the fall.

But the vote has been elusive. Has it happened? Will it happen? Is it all just false info? There have been meetings between school presidents and chancellors, so it would almost seem inevitable that a vote would be coming soon after learning more info about rapid testing for the athletes.

Mum has been the word, however.

The circus music is growing louder in the background every time Warren talks and while it’s not fair to completely put the blame on him and this is a completely unprecedented pandemic that no Big Ten commissioner has ever had to deal with, it’s been handled poorly.

There’s not transparency. No coaches, players and even some athletic directors have no idea what’s happening or if there will be a season. Has this been by design? Maybe.

But then Nebraska President Ted Carter was caught on a hot mic stating that an announcement for the 2020 season’s reinstatement would come on Tuesday night.

The mess continues.

If this doesn’t come to fruition, it just goes to show that everyone is out of the loop and false information is just getting thrown around for the sake of causing waves and trying to be the first to report it.

Dan Patrick went on his radio show to state that a handful of Big Ten teams wouldn’t be playing this fall regardless of the vote. And then hours later, Wisconsin’s chancellor Rebecca Blank said that it will be a unanimous move. Regardless of who votes yes or no, every team will follow the majority vote and either play or not play. No teams will opt out while others play.

It’s reports like these that have caused massive headaches and it’s been a PR nightmare for the conference.

It’s time to end the circus and make a fall decision before this drags on any longer.

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