Louisville Football: 3 takeaways from Cardinals’ tough loss to Georgia Tech

Malik Cunningham, Louisville football (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Malik Cunningham, Louisville football (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Louisville football faced a stiff test against Georgia Tech on Friday evening. What’d we learn from the Week 6 battle in Atlanta?

Back and forth went Louisville and Georgia Tech on Friday night in Atlanta. In the end, it was the Yellow Jackets who had the last laugh with a 46-27 win.

Louisville took the first punch and was down 7-0 but the Cardinals scored the next two touchdowns to take a 14-7 and then it was trading blows from there on out. Georgia Tech took a 26-21 lead in the second half, Louisville responded to take a 27-26 lead and then the Yellow Jackets hit right back with a touchdown and failed two-point conversion to go up 32-27.

Georgia Tech was in control of the game, melting the clock with under five minutes remaining and the Yellow Jackets put the nail in the coffin with 2:52 remaining with a Jeff Sims touchdown pass.

Louisville dropped to a shocking 1-3 record with the loss.

What’d we learn from Louisville’s loss to Georgia Tech?

3. Turnovers were a major issue

When it rains, it pours. Literally.

It seemed like all night long Louisville was shooting itself in the foot with turnovers. It coughed the ball up at inopportune times — not that there’s ever a good time to turn the ball over — and it shattered momentum and successful drives with fumbles.

Heck, there were two almost incredibly costly turnovers in the second half, too. One was in the red zone, but the runner was ruled down and the other was at the goal-line and could have been ruled a touchback but the refs ruled that the ball-carrier didn’t lose the ball before the goal-line (but it looked like he did).

Turnovers were the main issue for Louisville on Friday night, and that needs to be addressed moving forward.