College Football 2020: Top 3 under-the-radar games in Week 10

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With the sheer number of college football games on Saturday, it’s easy to get lost trying to prioritize games to watch. Here are three flying under the radar.

There are some great key matchups this week in college football.

Florida and Georgia are getting together to take control of the SEC East race in Jacksonville. Michigan looks to get control of its season at Indiana. Notre Dame welcomes Clemson to South Bend in a fight for first place in the ACC. The Pac-12 and the MAC even start up this week, giving college football fans more games to choose from.

With all of these options there are plenty of under the radar games to keep your eye on in Week 10.

3. Air Force vs. Army

Freely admitted, it takes a certain type of college fan to truly enjoy the military academy games. It’s an old school approach, where the academies use the triple option to make up for the fact that they don’t recruit athletes who would be Division 1 football players if they weren’t at an academy. They limit their opponents possessions, make aggressive decisions, and want to run up your gut.

These games are also highly competitive, as the military academies are desperate to beat each other and win the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy. With a win on Saturday Air Force would secure the trophy for the first time since 2016.

This is always a close, passionate game. Despite being overshadowed by the Army-Navy game is is well worth paying attention to this weekend.

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