College Football 2020: 3 teams that will be on upset alert in Week 13

Javon McKinley, Notre Dame football. (Photo by Matt Cashore-Pool/Getty Images)
Javon McKinley, Notre Dame football. (Photo by Matt Cashore-Pool/Getty Images) /
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This Thanksgiving weekend we’re thankful for college football and its ability to surprise us. Which teams will be on upset alert in Week 13 of the season?

The 2020 season has been a rollercoaster ride like no other. With the ongoing global situation we have seen players opt out, whole conferences decide to not play then reverse their decision, games cancelled to be replaced by matchups hastily arranged at the drop of a hat. Heck, we’ve even seen college football on Sunday of all things.

It has created a perfect storm for an almost weekly upset.

Coming into the 2020 college football season, who could have predicted the Liberty Flames burning two ACC teams and almost laying waste to a third? Can anyone honestly say they envisaged an 8-0 BYU team making a real claim to the College Football Playoff? Conversely, did anyone see LSU being this bad, getting beat up by Mississippi State just one game and nine months after winning the national championship?

Upsets make the college football world go round.

Everyone remembers Appalachian State beating Michigan in 2007 but no one cares that the Wolverines ended the season 9-3 and went on to win the Capital One Bowl against SEC opponent Florida at the end of the season.

Back to the 2020 season, and how did our Week 12 upset alert work out?

USC, LSU, and Coastal Carolina survived scares to record wins but Wisconsin succumbed to the upset, losing to Northwestern. Teams on upset alert are 25-14-2 for the season.

USC were set to feature in the Week 13 upset alert but their game with Colorado has unfortunately been cancelled. Therefore the following three games are the ones to watch if you want to see an upset in college football Week 13.