Arizona Football: The pros and cons of hiring Jedd Fisch

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Arizona football announced it will hire Jedd Fisch at its next head coach. Wildcat fans are angry, but here are the pros and cons.

If you judged the hiring of Jedd Fisch as Arizona football coach just by the immediate fan reaction, then you would think it’s a bad move.

Much of the fanbase certainly seems to think it was and that’s probably because many will feel that Fisch’s close relationship to the university president played a big role in the decision, probably as it did him finishing in the top three when Kevin Sumlin was hired.

Fisch was chosen over San Jose State’s Brent Brennan, who was also thought to be a top candidate after leading the Spartans to the Mountain West Championship and an undefeated season.

Brennan is one of the hottest names in the college football coaching world right now and he would have made a lot of sense. And building a conference champ at San Jose State is exactly the kind of momentous project it will be to get the Wildcats back in the Pac-12 title hunt.

Beyond that, Brennan has head-coaching experience and has proven he can be a winner. If you look at the resume of Fisch, it’s a lot of jumping around. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t had success but there’s not a lot of other schools pounding down his door for head-coaching jobs.

Michigan fans have been desperate for him to come back as offensive coordinator. He did well under Jim Harbaugh and has been the offensive coordinator in a few other places too, as well as coaching quarterbacks for the New England Patriots the last two seasons.

It’s always tough to judge how a coaching hire will work out and in this case, here’s a look at the pros and cons of Arizona football hiring Jedd Fisch.