College Football: 5 head coaches most likely to leave for NFL jobs

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The NFL regular season is officially over and coaching vacancies are needing to be filled. Here are five college football head coaches who could look to make a jump to the pros

The college football national championship game is still to be played, but it is already the offseason for most college coaches and while there are might be some vacancies still left to fill, most open college head coaching spots have been filled and the new staffs are looking to to fill open roster spots with transfers and the final signing period in February.

The NFL however just ended their season yesterday and now coaching jobs are starting to come open and interviews will soon be taking place.

College football coaches being looked at to go to the NFL is obviously not a new thing, although it has been met with some successes and failures alike.

There are three current head coaches in the NFL that used to be college head coaches: Kliff Kingsbury in Arizona, Matt Rhule in Carolina and Pete Carroll in Seattle.

Carroll is clearly the more established of the three and is thought of to be one of the best coaches in the NFL, while Kingsbury is going to be expected to make the playoffs in his third year in Arizona in 2021 and Matt Rhule is building a strong foundation in Carolina to be a successful franchise.

Currently there are six job openings in the NFL, with the Jaguars, Chargers, Falcons, Jets, Texans, and Lions all looking for new leadership.

I would expect that any college coach that is going to look to make the jump to the next level would find most of these jobs desirable due to the ability to work with an already elite quarterback like Deshaun Watson in Houston or Justin Herbert in LA, or the ability to draft their own signal caller like the Jaguars and the Jets.

It is unclear how much interest any of these teams have in hiring a coach from the collegiate level, but I am going to list the five college football head coaches I think are likely to be hired away by the NFL. This list will not include former Florida and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer due to the fact that he does not hold a current college job.

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