Instant reactions to Alabama football’s national title: A Blitz Podcast

This week’s podcast was recorded live in the immediate aftermath of Alabama football’s win over Ohio State, offering undistilled takes on the last game of 2020.

Each week, the Saturday Blitz Podcast is record on Monday evenings for Tuesday editing and Wednesday morning release. That can sometimes cause us to miss a major news story that breaks in the intervening period between recording and release, but this week that should be no problem. This week’s major news story fell right on recording night, and with one of the co-hosts watching his Alabama Crimson Tide win the College Football Playoff national championship we captured the afterglow of experiencing the ultimate victory of any given season.

In a year wracked by COVID-19, where we were left to wonder whether it was worth it to play out the season in the middle of pandemic, a fan’s euphoria of a championship nevertheless shines through. While we can be critical of how college football is governed and operated, moments such as the one on Monday night capture the essence of why we tolerate a lot of the headaches that come with watching the sport.

This week’s episode does not shy away from discourses about how we will look back on playing college football in 2020, but it also allows the partisan voice to emerge as well. That, after all, is what fandom is all about. The conversation delves into subjects about where the 2020 Crimson Tide team stacks up against other Nick Saban championship teams, where Mac Jones fits into the discussion of all-time greats at quarterback for Alabama, and more.

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