Texas A&M Football: 3 things we learned about Aggies in 2020

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The Aggies had a successful 2020 campaign from all angles. What did we learn about Texas A&M football from its 9-1 season?

Texas A&M football had quite the season, falling only to the eventual national champion Alabama Crimson Tide. They got better week after week, starting with a struggle of a five-point win over lesser opponent Vanderbilt and finishing with a 14-point win over a strong North Carolina team in the Orange Bowl.

What did this team teach us about Texas A&M in the long run?

3. The offensive line is extremely important

Texas A&M football has not always had a strong offensive line. In all actuality, the unit has been a struggle in recent years for the Aggies. However, this unit had four seniors and a super sophomore and was a finalist for the Moore Award given to the nation’s best offensive line.

The “Maroon Goons” as they are affectionately called only gave up 0.44 sacks per game and led the league with 5.4 yards per carry. They were dominant and that is putting it mildly. As a result, the Aggies offense was able to run a lot smoother than in past seasons.

Of course, all of those seniors are now headed onto bigger things and that leaves some holes across the line. The super sophomore, Kenyon Green, now emerges as the leader on the line and will be looking for guys that are ready to fill in the holes left by the NFL-bound seniors. Refilling this unit with strong players will be extremely important to the success of the 2021 team, led by a new and inexperienced quarterback.

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