SEC Football history: 50 best players of all time

SEC Football (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)
SEC Football (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images) /
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Archie Manning, Ole Miss football
Archie Manning, Ole Miss football (Photo by James Flores/Getty Images) /

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11. Best SEC football players of all time: Archie Manning, Ole Miss football

When it comes to the history of the SEC and especially the Ole Miss football program, you cannot write it without former Rebels quarterback, Archie Manning. In fact, Manning is the best player in the history of the Rebels program, taking over as the starter for three years at Ole Miss, and re-writing the record books.

It did not take him long to start to gain national attention, as Manning threw for over 400 yards against Alabama in the first nationally televised game he ever played in. That game, he threw for 432 yards, rushed for over 100 more, and set the stage for what would be a legendary career at the collegiate level.

Before all was said and done, Manning had put together so many classic moments and gaudy statistics, that he became the stuff of legend at the school. In 1969 he was not only named All-SEC, but he was named the conference’s Player of the Year and earned his first of two straight All-American honors.

Manning’s legacy did not end with his playing days, as his sons became legends in the SEC, and one even broke most of his records at Ole Miss. For Archie Manning, he was the victim of playing on some bad teams, whether it was in college or the pros, but his contributions to Ole Miss and SEC Football are second to none. The speed limit on campus is 18, a nod to his jersey number which is retired by the school.