3 ideal landing spots for Davis Mills in 2021 NFL draft

Davis Mills, Stanford football (Photo by Bob Drebin/ISI Photos/Getty Images).
Davis Mills, Stanford football (Photo by Bob Drebin/ISI Photos/Getty Images). /
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Stanford football
Davis Mills, Stanford football (Photo by John Todd/ISI Photos/Getty Images). /


There’s a lot of talk about whether or not the Atlanta Falcons should use the fourth overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft on a quarterback.

On one hand, the end feels near for Matt Ryan, but on the other hand, his contract makes it hard for Atlanta to get rid of him for the next couple of years and he’s still a solid player. He’s not the Falcons’ biggest issue.

Last season, Ryan completed 65 percent of his passes, tossed 26 touchdowns and had 11 interceptions. If he was on the market, some QB-needy team would gladly scoop him up and with the right roster, he could easily be back in the playoffs.

The smart move for Atlanta is trading back in the first round. But that doesn’t mean the Falcons still shouldn’t be thinking about the future.

Drafting someone like Mills would be perfect. He has a lot of the same attributes as Ryan and he’s more of a pro-style QB and not a dual-threat guy.

If the Falcons moved down in the first round, they would have more picks to move around later in the draft, and truth be told, they pick near the end of the third round.

That means Mills could fall in their lap or they could make a small move up with some of their extra draft ammunition.

Either way, the Falcons need a quarterback in the 2021 NFL draft, which is why the former Stanford football standout makes a lot of sense.