Big 12 Football: Preseason power rankings for next season

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Big 12 football is going to be intriguing in 2021 and here’s a look at our preseason power rankings heading into next season.

From the traditional dominance of the Oklahoma Sooners to the seemingly perpetual mediocrity (if you can even call it that) of the Kansas Jayhawks, Big 12 football has a wide array of programs that have a good chance of playing at the standard of football that you’re used to.

With such a sizable gap between the top and bottom halves of the league, which is most namely due to how little their hierarchy has altered over recent years, one can imagine how relatively easy it would be to rank the schools from worst to first for the upcoming season.

However, I am one who enjoys breaking down a conference like the Big 12 and its teams who depict such simplicity, rather with consistent greatness or lameness.

And until official power rankings are constructed (or until the season itself unfolds), how can anyone know what all their university is capable of for certain?

Therefore, with the curiosities of the people in mind, here are the complete preseason power rankings for the 2021-22 Big 12 football teams, listed from worst to first.

#10: Kansas Jayhawks

For the sake of symmetry in future slides, I figured I would get the worst program out of the way a little bit early.

Everyone already knew that the Jayhawks would be last, but is unprofessional to not give reasoning. With that said, we will just acknowledge the coaching carousel that they are on, which they restarted by firing the recently-canceled Les Miles.

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