2021 NFL Mock Draft: Full 3-round projections after Pro Day workouts

Trevor Lawrence (from left), Justin Fields, Zach WilsonNflqbdraft
Trevor Lawrence (from left), Justin Fields, Zach WilsonNflqbdraft /
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The 2021 NFL Draft will be here in just a little over a week remaining. Each passing minute there are team reports and trade rumors that will dramatically impact the draft process so what better time for one final NFL mock draft?

There have been several teams that have already made moves to improve their team for the upcoming 2021 season. The San Francisco 49ers previously from the 12th pick overall to the third pick overall where the Miami Dolphins were. Right after that, the Dolphins traded from the 12th spot to No. 6 overall where the Philadelphia Eagles were.

This is just an example of the chaos that the 2021 NFL Draft will provide on Thursday, April 29. There are several other teams reported to be involved in trade rumors such as the Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Football Team, and the New England Patriots.

Last year, the 2020 NFL Draft went off without a problem despite the all-virtual broadcasting event due to the impact of COVID-19. This year’s draft will be in-person and should be at the same amount of coverage of the former collegiate stars as previously depicted in the past couple of years.

This year’s quarterbacks class is strong as there are expected to be five quarterbacks taken in the first round. The wide receivers in this draft class are also significant as there could be six at the position selected in the first round. While it is not for certain what team will pick which player, other than the first overall pick, these NFL teams have prepared for multiple scenarios in which they will look to end out with the best 2021 draft class.

Every NFL mock draft is different, but here are my full three-round projections.