2021 NFL Draft: Top Five Picks from the second round

Terrace Marshall Jr., LSU football (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)
Terrace Marshall Jr., LSU football (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images) /
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The second round of the 2021 NFL Draft was left with a numerous amount of high-caliber with all 32 teams desperate to fill position needs.

14 total trades impacted the second round with most of them occurring during the event. While most teams filled their most concerning position needs but a few teams made the best possible pick available.

Some teams made the trade to pick their player that many analysts believed should have been selected in the first round. These teams are either Playoff contenders or they are now much closer to contending for a playoff spot.

Here are the three top picks by teams in the second round.

Offensive Tackle. 39. Scouting Report. Oklahoma State. Teven Jenkins. player. 57. Pick Analysis

Two positions weighed the Chicago Bears down throughout the 2020 NFL season and playoffs, that is the quarterback and the offensive line. The Bears traded to get their franchise quarterback in Justin Fields from Ohio State. It would only be natural that the Bears make a trade with the Carolina Panthers to select their new leading offensive tackle in Teven Jenkins with the 39th overall pick.

The Bears had a mess of a quarterback situation but they had one of the most inefficient offensive line units in the league. Last season, the Bears were ranked 22nd in points per game (23.2), 26th in total yards per game (331.4), and allowed 36 sacks, which was tied for the 15th most in the league.

The Bears cut some of the most unreliable offensive linemen this past season and are looking forward to a new starting line. They feel confident in the potential and leadership of Jenkins for the offensive line going into the 2021 NFL season.