MEAC Football: Morgan State add Ravens Super Bowl hero to staff

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl hero Jacoby Jones will be part of MEAC football next season as joins Morgan State’s coaching staff 

In just his second year as head coach of the Morgan State Bears, Michigan legend Tyrone Wheatley hired former Baltimore Raven Jacoby Jones to the Bears’ coaching staff. Jones joins the coaching staff as the tight ends coach and assistant head coach.

Jones is one of the most beloved players in the Ravens’ history because of his 102-yard touchdown kickoff return against the San Francisco 49ers on route to the franchise’s second Super Bowl.

Jones amassed 290 total yards and two touchdowns in the game. Though Joe Flacco was the MVP of the game, Jones was the catalyst for the Ravens victory that day.

Wheatley had this to say of Jones in the introductory presser:

“He is a person of high integrity, a great family man, a relentless recruiter and a proven winner who checked all the boxes during this critical time for the Morgan State Football program.”

Wheatley also added this:

“His ability to connect with young men and develop them to excel both on and off the field has been proven throughout his young career. He is a rising star in this profession who is more than prepared to lead our tight ends and our program to greater heights.”

Jones, a graduate of Lane College, is no stranger to either smaller schools or HBCUs. Jones coached the wide receivers at his alma mater before Wheatley hired him.

Before attending Lane, Jones attended Southeast Louisiana on a track and field scholarship. After transferring to Lane, Jones dominated the competition, and the Houston Texans drafted him in the third round.

Jones’ found his greatest successes playing in Baltimore, but he also played for the Steelers and Chargersando the Texans over a nine-year career.

Jones is one of the most beloved sports figures in Baltimore, and that name recognition will help recruit the local area. Coming from a small HBCU to the Super Bowl is also a great selling point Jones has coming to Morgan State.