Pac-12 Football: Every team’s most important newcomers for 2021

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This is an important season for Pac-12 football. Both the USC Trojans and the Oregon Ducks have their best rosters in a long time. Can either team find their way to the College Football Playoff this season?

That all starts with recruiting. One of the issues the Pac-12 has is their inability to keep the rest of the country from out recruiting them for players in their footprint. Six of the top ten prospects from the state of California stayed in the Pac-12 footprint this cycle, one better than 2020.

This would not be an issue if Pac-12 schools could recruit other footprints the way schools like Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and Notre Dame raid California. Fortunately for the Pac-12, the Trojans and Ducks each had classes inside the top ten.

For the Trojans, being able to keep the country’s top prospect, Korey Forman in the Pac-12 and California was a huge win for the Trojans and the conference. The truth is, the Pac-12 needs their franchise school, USC, out front. In order for the Pac-12’s profile to look better, the Trojans have to be the class of the conference.

Each team welcomes new players this fall and these players will have an impact on their respective schools this fall.

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