College Football: 5 intense rivalries to watch in 2021

AJ Terrell, Clemson football (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
AJ Terrell, Clemson football (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /
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Whether it is in regards to two hated teams excelling or being terrible, some of the rivalries that college football has in store for fans next season are bound to be nail-biting.

There may be uncertainty as to how a particular team(s) will perform; there may be an expected rise or tumble for them later on this calendar year. However, if that adds to the intensity of a matchup, then that’s ultimately all that matters.

The following rivalry games will not be listed with the intention of any sort of ranking. Rather they will be randomly discussed one by one. So without further ado, let’s take a look at five rivalries that the college football world has set to go off throughout this upcoming fall.

1. Florida State at Clemson

This October will possess what was once the biggest rivalry game in the Atlantic Coast Conference or, at the very least, the most relevant.

The Seminoles and Tigers are two of the most notorious names in the history of the ACC, and their meeting history has been very rocky throughout the span of the last decade. This is most namely due to them each finding their big breaks of the 21st century at differing times.

FSU is expected by many to bounce back some next season, while Clemson’s haters are anticipating a more laid-back run for the Tigers.

The game will be in Clemson, and that’s not very good for the chances of a competitive battle. But hopefully, with some juices flowing, the Noles can make things at least somewhat interesting.