SEC Football: What should happen if Oklahoma and Texas join?

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On July 21, headlines began circling the media regarding the Big 12’s two biggest powers, the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns, allegedly wanting to switch to SEC football.

Many opinions have already surfaced opposing this idea. Two main reasons for this are: the SEC would become even more overpowered than it already is, and the Big 12 would be running a good chance of suffering disbandment.

If this were Kansas and Kansas State being questioned, the conference would have a stronger chance of survival. However, Oklahoma and Texas have been carrying the league for years, and in a multitude of ways. If both were to leave, it would do unspeakable harm to the current Big 12 landscape.

Assuming that this transition actually unfolds, whatever structured balance that the sport of college football has would be thrown out the window. In other words, such a concept would not affect just two conferences, but rather the entire nation.

And that is what we are going to look into today. The objective is to come up with an efficient Power Five model that could survive a huge move like this, even if it involves heavy conference realignment. Let’s get started.

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