Texas A&M Football: 3 hot takes from close, last-minute win vs. Colorado

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After losing Haynes King to an injury, Texas A&M football struggled to get their offense going. A win is a win though for this top 10 team. 

Texas A&M football lost starting quarterback Haynes King to an injury during the second drive of the game. After that, they struggled with offensive play for most of the game.

However, the Aggies defense showed up and showed out from start to finish. After watching that entire mess of an offensive showing from both teams, what are my hot takes about the Ags? Let’s start with the offense.

3. Zach Calzada will be alright with more practice

Zach Calzada did not look like a strong replacement for redshirt freshman Haynes King. He looked lost and overall unable to make the throws he needed to make.

However, as the game went on, especially during the last two drives. He made the right reads and was able to find his players to make those necessary third-down conversions to win the game. He didn’t throw an interception and his lone fumble came from reaching for the goal line which, while I disagree with doing that in that situation, was him making a play to win the game.

Look for Calzada to get a lot better this week in practice and against New Mexico next week and for him to be prepared for the Arkansas and Mississippi State matchups in the coming weeks.

He will get the practice he needs with the ones and things will get better for the redshirt sophomore who honestly hadn’t seen the field since clean-up duty in 2019. The Aggies, in my opinion, will be just fine to make it through the rest of their schedule.

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