Texas A&M Football: 3 hot takes from shut out win vs. New Mexico

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Texas A&M football was able to do what it needed to do to win against New Mexico. What did this game show us about the No. 7 Aggies?

The Aggies shut out New Mexico on Saturday afternoon, 34-0. They got it done, but we saw some weaknesses for the Ags for sure. Overall though, what did we learn about Texas A&M football? What can we say about this team as they head into SEC play?

3. The offensive line needs some help

Texas A&M had an extremely strong offensive line a year ago. Now though, things are looking grim for the Ags. They have a true freshman starting at center who has done well enough, but with a few injuries throughout the season so far, they are thin on the line and very young outside of Kenyon Green who is an All-American.

Overall, this unit struggled to consistently create running lanes for Achane and Spiller and had problems protecting Calzada throughout the matchup with New Mexico. They have a lot of holes to fill up for sure and they have some details to fix. Coach Josh Henson has his work cut out for him, that much is for sure.

Texas A&M football coach Jimbo Fisher said after New Mexico that his offensive line needed to be nastier. Kenyon Green was quoted as saying: “He’s correct. We just got to get better. Got to get more physical. Got to pay attention to detail.” He couldn’t be more right.

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