Texas A&M Football: 3 takeaways from huge upset win over No. 1 Alabama

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Alabama Crimson Tide
Texas A&M Aggies

After losses, albeit not blowouts, to Arkansas and Mississippi State, Texas A&M had all but given up hope on any kind of quality wins this season- or at least the fans had. It’s obvious now that the team hadn’t given up hope.

They proved with a walk-off field goal against the top team in the land, Alabama, that they haven’t given up anything.

What did we learn about the Aggies from this game?

3. Seth Small and Zach Calzada have ice in their veins

First, we need to talk about Seth Small. This is the second big-time game that he has had to kick that game-winner and he nailed it. That is not an easy place to be in and he kicked it through like it was nothing. It showed that he is ready for the big time.

On the other side, you have quarterback Zach Calzada. Everyone had counted Calzada out after the loss to Mississippi State. However, he proved that he should be anything but counted out. He proved that he is ready to be the starter for the rest of the season with Haynes King likely out for the year.

Calzada was knocked out with an injury late in the fourth quarter and Aggie fans held their breath as Blake Bost began to warm up, but he found his way back in and as a result led his team down the field for an Aggie win.

Both of these guys earn game balls in my book.

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