Group of Five New Year’s Six Watch, Week 7: Cincinnati bolsters resume

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Let’s begin this week’s Group of Five New Year’s Six watch with some interesting factoids from nature. A powerful enough underwater earthquake can cause a tsunami thousands of miles away. Many species of sharks can smell blood in the water from up to 10 or more miles away.

BYU’s loss at home to the Boise State Broncos has far-reaching ripple effects and has teams smelling blood in the water far away from Provo. The San Diego State Aztecs benefited from this win for two reasons. First, they are undefeated.

Second, the Aztecs end their regular season hosting the Broncos. Without a ranked opponent on their schedule (Fresno was ranked but will not be when they play the Aztecs), San Diego State’s best hope is for teams with good wins on their resume.

Teams like undefeated UTSA and SMU are circling in case the Cougars lose another game. However, everyone is looking up to the Cincinnati Bearcats. After a blowout win against Temple Friday night, the Bearcats were licking their chops after Alabama and Penn State lost.

Is that their ticket to the playoff? That is debatable. Expect that to be debated in the college football multiverse until the final rankings are out. However, the Bearcats are ranked third in the country and might even take a loss and still make the New Year’s Six.

Don’t bet on it, though. Be ready; New Year’s is coming.

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