Georgia Football: 3 bold predictions vs Charleston Southern

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1. JT Daniels will have more touchdowns than Stetson Bennett.

Let’s face it, this game is most likely going to be a blowout in Georgia’s favor. Which means they will have their backups is rather early compared to most games and that means the second strings will get some solid play time.

Quarterback JT Daniels will be part of that second unit who will more than likely play a few quarters. Daniels, who initially was the starting QB, is just now finally getting healthy after being injured earlier in the season. He has played in one game since returning from injury.

But if there is any game to get Daniels comfortable and in a rhythm once again, it’s this one vs Charleston Southern. He honestly could play the whole game and Georgia  would be fine, but I understand that you don’t want to take Stetson Bennett out of his zone. I do expect Daniels to ultimately get more snaps than Bennett in this game though.

With that extra playing time, I believe Daniels will take full advantage of this opportunity. He will also take advantage of this poor defense and will throw for more touchdowns than Stetson Bennett on Saturday.