5 college football teams likely to be next Georgia and end a national title drought

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After Georgia ended its 40-year national title drought this season, we rank five college football teams most likely to do it next. 

Now that we have seen the Georgia Bulldogs win their first college football national championship in 40 years, it got us thinking, who could be next?

During the College Football Playoff and BCS era, the number of teams that have won college football’s national championship is slim. The list is Ohio State, Miami, Florida State, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, USC, Texas, Georgia, LSU, Florida, and Auburn. That’s it.

Of all those programs, Tennessee now has the longest national title drought as the Vols won in the first year of the BCS back in 1998.

But the Vols don’t feel like a team that will be breaking its national title drought in the next five years. Truth be told, it’s going to be hard for any team not named Alabama or Georgia to win any national title in the next few years.

However, some didn’t think Georgia was going to break through until it actually did. But it didn’t happen in a day or a year. It was a process and here are five college football powerhouses most likely to break a national title drought similar to Georgia’s in the next five years or so.

And no you won’t find Florida, Florida State, or Texas on this list. As with Tennessee, those programs have a little work to do. All have potential and Texas probably has the best hope with the eventual move to the SEC if Sark can be the guy the Longhorns hope he can be.

Florida State has potential too but needs the right coach and he’s currently not there. The SEC was also hard enough before Oklahoma and Texas joined and while Tennessee is moving in the right direction, the stiff conference competition also kept them out of the top five.

5. Notre Dame (1988)

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There’s a reason no Midwestern program has won a national championship, outside of Ohio State, since the 1990s. The recruiting is just different in the SEC and the difference has only been exasperated in the era of the College Football Playoff.

Consider this: Georgia wouldn’t have won the national championship in 2021 without the playoff and the same could be said for Alabama in 2017 or Ohio State in 2014.

The game is different and programs that have reached the playoff have a better shot of getting back and eventually winning.

Notre Dame has played for the national championship and made the College Football Playoff. But that was under Brian Kelly who left for LSU. Some are speculating that it’s because he realized he couldn’t win a national title at Notre Dame and maybe you can’t.

But Marcus Freeman is a dynamic recruiter and he’s an exceptional defensive coach. If the Irish can put together an elite defense and find an elite quarterback, which they think they have in Tyler Buchner, a top-100 QB from the 2021 class, then maybe the Irish can do what Clemson did.

Clemson and LSU proved that if you have a strong blue-chip ratio, albeit one weaker than Alabama and Georgia’s, the only way to make up for that is an elite quarterback. That’s the path for Notre Dame and another program up North.