Ole Miss Football: Lane Kiffin trolls fans over New Orleans Saints job

With the New Orleans Saints job opening up, Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin trolled everyone with a potential flight tracker.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Lane Kiffin was on Nick Saban’s coaching staff with how big of a social media troll he is.

The Ole Miss football coach has always had a playful personality and that carries over perfectly to his social media game, namely on Twitter. He’s always doing something to stir the pot and he did just that once again on Tuesday.

Sean Payton stepped down from the head coaching position with the New Orleans Saints and Kiffin has been a hot name in NFL and college coaching searches.

Lane used this to his advantage for another fantastic troll job on Tuesday when he showed off a flight tracker while on what looks to be a private jet. Where was the flight headed? New Orleans, of course.

No, Ole Miss fans, he’s not going to leave for New Orleans. If he was really going to take this job, he wouldn’t tease that on social media. This is just his way of stirring the pot and giving people something to think and talk about during the offseason.

Why is he headed to New Orleans? Probably to recruit. No big deal here.

Kiffin has a track record of leaving jobs after a couple of years, but he seems to have grown up quite a bit from his Tennessee, USC, and Raiders days. He’s more mature even though his social media game says otherwise.

But these trolls are fantastic.